Welcome to the party!

This is the part where I introduce myself. I’m much better at it in person. I walk up to new people and say, “Hi, I’m Isa. She/her pronouns.” Then I comment on whatever gaming/writing/drinking thing they were talking about because that’s why I went up to them in the first place. So, I guess this isn’t much different. And I’m used to talking to myself. When my kids were little, I could pretend I was talking to them when in public. Now, I embrace the crazy and go about my business, chatting away to just me.

You might be wondering about who I am. Or you might not. There are plenty of other weird things to wonder about, like what went through the mind of the octopus that got rained down onto the streets of China recently. Did it go all Douglas Adams and try to make up a name for the sight rushing towards it? Or, just curse to itself muttering “not again”? What was I saying? Oh, right. Me. Hi, I’m Isa McLaren. I’m a bisexual writer with a pair of cats named after my favorite fictional burglars. And once I get to be a rich and famous writer, I’ll be traveling the world and telling you all about it.

Bernie Rhodenbarr, retired burglar

If I ever were to open a bar, it would definitely be called The Drunken Slattern and be decorated in shabby velvet and old furniture. But for now, I don’t have a bar. I have a blog. This is where you’ll find my posts about gaming, writing, drinking and probably cats. Maybe some other stuff. Oh, and be warned. I swear. A lot.

Dortmunder, relentless burglar

I came out as a nerd a few years ago, but I’ve been gaming for as long as I can remember. Board games, video arcade games (remember Dragon’s Lair? Spent so many quarters on that damn game!), and for the last 10 years or so, tabletop RPGs. I’m currently in a FATE game with the zaniest characters and great people. It’s a fun release and we often spend half the time just laughing.

My first full-length novel, A Kiss for Luck, is coming out May 4th, 2019 (yay!), a light-hearted crime thriller starring con artist and jewel thief Jules Brand. I’ve also written several short stories about him, with more to come. I can’t remember when I first started writing, but it’s been forever. Writing pretty much saved my sanity at a low point in my life. Although, when people hear that I have characters in my head clamoring to be heard, most of them look at me like I’m crazy. But those people aren’t writers.

What goes well with gaming and writing? Booze! Actually, booze goes well with just about everything. (Except driving – be responsible, people!) Making cocktails became a hobby because of my kids. No, they didn’t drive me to drink. But babysitters are expensive and hard to find on short notice, so mixing a fancy drink and watching a movie was the entertainment of choice. I started tinkering with the drinks, trying out different liquors, different bitters, etc. From there, it was a small step to creating my own recipes. Jules Brand already has a signature cocktail, with two more included in Kiss.

So, welcome to my party! Come in, let me take your coat, can I get you a drink?

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