Because Prince Charming isn’t always a Prince

For my first post on writing, I want to introduce you to a young writer who has a special place in my heart. She will, in turn, introduce you to one of the main characters from her authorial debut. Rose Kuehr-McLaren is my middle kid, and definitely amongst my top five favorite children. She has always had a vivid imagination and seeing her take off with writing – in ways so different from me – makes me extremely proud.

Rose’s first published short story appears in the OWS Ink Anthology, Glass & Ashes. Her twist on the classic Cinderella story will send a shiver down your spine. Delight or fear, you ask? Both. Definitely both.  Read the spotlight, then grab a copy of the anthology!


Cleo Jiang Prince

Cleo Prince is a staple of the MU community. President of Theta Sigma Nu Sorority, Cleo has taken Bronco Pride to new heights by introducing events like the Charity Color Run For Your Life and the homecoming bonfire.




Cleo has been selected for Spotlight because of her charity work and her third semester on the Dean’s List. Cleo is a Business and Economics major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. She says she wants to break the glass ceiling and reinvent women in the workplace as mentors and bosses first and foremost. Strong-willed and ambitious, she hopes to be president of an international non-profit focusing on women’s rights “by the time I get out of grad school.” We took some time to get to know her.


I know several staff members have helped you with your various events, and some of the student body too. Is there anyone you would like to give a special shout out to?

My roommate, Caitlin. She’s been there for me since the very beginning.  Without her friendship and connections I would not be as involved on campus as I am today. One of my favorite memories with Caitlin was when we worked together collecting supplies for Mary’s House, the local women’s shelter. This was when we first got to talking and really bonded.   


Your parents must be very proud of you and all your hard work. What traits do you think they taught you that led you so far so young in your life?

My parents taught me that no one does anything alone.  You need good friends to help you. I remember my dad used to always tell me “Cleo, a good friend is worth a million dollars but a bad friend costs you more.” I think what he means is that good people can help you achieve your goals, while bad one bog you down.  I honestly think my friends are worth a million bucks!


What do you like to do to wind down after a hard week of studying and charity work?  Is there a special someone you like to spend time with?

College is first and foremost a place for you to learn and grow.  But sometimes it’s a place to let loose. Partying is as essential to youth as learning.  As for a special someone, I don’t want to jinx anything, but I definitely have my eye on someone.


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