I sat down with author Stacy Overby to discuss her new release, Tattoos. 


Hey, baby, come here often?

Trying to pick me up already? But I haven’t even had my first drink yet!


Hemingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Do you have a drink of choice for when you sit down to write?

Generally it’s flavored water. Being the program director for an adolescent treatment program and married to a man who is in recovery from alcoholism, I tend to keep it pretty mild for the most part. I have been known to have a good sangria around, occasionally, though.


You visit a bar on the advice of a friend. The place has a good reputation for mixed drinks and you can see it’s well-stocked. What do you order and why?

Am I driving? If not, I’d probably order a Long Island. I haven’t had one in YEARS, and a good one is almost priceless.

If I am driving, I’d better stick with something tamer. A strawberry daiquiri perhaps? Or maybe see what the bartender comes up with.


If someone, me for example, were to craft a drink based on you, what elements would it have? How about one based on your main character?

For me? It’d have to be something sweet, sassy, and hold just a little element of “Oh man, what was that?” to it.

Sounds like you need one of my soon-to-be-famous Stanzi’s Kiss. Tastes like a cherry cordial candy. 

For Eli, it’d be one that’s broody, dark, but pretty straight forward as well.

One Dark & Stormy, coming up. 


Drinking, because no good story starts with a salad. Do you have any funny or embarrassing stories to share?

One time, when my son was about three years old, we went shopping after his Christmas Program practice at church. He asked me about setting up our nativity scene, since I have a plastic one and it’s been his job to set it up. I explained to him that it’s in storage and we have to get it out yet. So, he starts yelling at the top of his lungs through the store “Baby Jesus, we’re coming!”, “Where are you, Baby Jesus?”, and the like. For like fifteen minutes. Everyone we passed laughed. And, yes, I went and got that nativity scene out so he could set it up after that.


If you and your character had a drink, what would you talk about?

Empath rights and how to advance and protect those rights. Probably other stuff like flying and Norse history and such as well.


If you could invite your 4 favorite authors to a bar, who buy the appetizers?

Good question. Part of me would nominate Neil Gaiman to buy, but the British occasionally have some interesting notions of what an appetizer should be. However, he has been living in the US for quite a while now, so maybe it’s safe. I wonder what would happen if I threw Tolkien in with Gaiman?

Probably stale lembas. 


Are you a sipper or a shooter?

Sipper for sure. Shooting makes me sick quite quickly.

Count your shots, people. And hydrate. 


You’ve just been through all the events in your book. What do you drink and why?

Hmmm, what’s about one step down from a pan-galactic gargleblaster? I’m saving that one for a different book. Whatever is a step or so down, that’s what I’d be drinking.

Probably a Long Island Ice Tea.


You’re celebrating your book release. Do you

  1. Buy a round for the house – I’d do this if I could afford it!
  2. Open a bottle of bubbly
  3. Plan a private celebration – This is probably more what I will do since most of the people I’d celebrate with live scattered across the country. I will be celebrating with the rest here.
  4. Grab a funnel and a hose
  5. Drink until the pants come off and table dancing starts?


Do you take your pants off before, or after you’re on the table dancing?

Wouldn’t you like to know!


If you’re buying me a drink, what are we celebrating?

Life of course! Isn’t that the best celebration of all? Good friends, great times, and a life well lived.

To Life! 


You get drunk and go on a crime spree. What books do you steal?

I’d have to go after some first editions of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien for sure. I’d also need to hunt down first editions of H.G. Wells’ books, Jules Verne’s books, and Mary Shelly’s books. But, because I’m drunk doing this, who knows what I’d end up with.


Now that you’re drunk, tell me about your latest book.

Eli is a Black Ops specialist–a blend of military, police, covert spy–who discovers all is not as it seems. He’s been struggling with feeling rather lost and soul-weary when this happens, which makes it even more challenging to figure out what to do about all the lies and deception tearing his life and the worlds of the United Earth Government apart. With the help of his best friend, Shawn, his commanding officer, Major Wade, and an empath he meets named Alexandra, he takes on the task of righting what is wrong.


Are there plans for another? If so, will it be a sequel, or something new?

Absolutely! Book 2 is already drafted. It’s the next part of the story, only from Shawn’s point of view. There’s also a third book that’s almost drafted and is from Major Wade’s point of view that picks up from where Shawn’s book leaves off. I’m not entirely sure where this will go from here.



Where can readers find you on the internet?

The easiest place to find me is at my website – www.thisisnothitchhikersguide.com. I’m also on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thisisnothitchhikersguide, Twitter at www.twitter.com/dontpanic2011, Instagram at www.instagram.com/mamawisper78, Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Stacy-Overby/e/B01M15GWGI/, Goodreads at https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15863642.Stacy_Overby, and Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/dontpanic2011.


Stacy Overby’s release Tattoos is available for pre-order, on sale now for $1.99. 

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