It’s all in my head

Last month I posted on the Our Write Side Patreon about self-care for writers. Well, this writer needs to heed that advice and then some. Two weeks ago, I fell and hit my head on a marble table. Recovery has been slow. I’ll know more after an MRI but for now, the prescription is rest. Not just physical rest, but mental rest.

This gets incredibly boring fast. Computer screens worsen my headaches after about 15 minutes. I can do slightly longer with watching TV. The good news is I’ve planned out a good section of book 2, but haven’t found a viable talk-to-text app for my phone.

Toss some good thoughts my way and in the meantime, here’s a couple of pictures of my cats being weird.


I’ve had Bernie for well over 2 years. First time I’ve seen him in a sink.
Dortmunder trying to open my liquor cabinet. I keep telling him he’s not old enough to drink.

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