Name That Parrot!

Treasure hunting in Sims Medieval never held much of an appeal for me. I’d buy the My First Treasure map and shovel. That treasure wasn’t great, and digging in random spots was too dangerous. If the Pit Beast is lurking beneath where you dig — watch out!

Then a few months ago, I got lucky with a wizard. His parrot brought him all sorts of map fragments and he found really great treasure. But what really hooked me was the bones that were found with the treasure — enough to build a baby dragon skeleton that you can display in your Hero’s home.

In my current monarchy, I got my wizard, Paloma, a parrot right away. She’s found about half of the marked treasures and a few unmarked one. The Pit Beast must like her — she’s never been tentacled. I also knew that with patience and luck, she could build herself a skeletal parrot.

Skeletal parrots are supposedly the best parrots in the game, meaning they bring the best loot back when you send them treasure hunting. I gave him a perch so when he’s not out hunting, he can keep Paloma company.








He needs a name. I’m leaning toward Cap’n Bones. Or Skelly McSkellington. Or Fluffy. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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