Electric Thriller

Boy meets girl. Girl falls in love with boy. It’s an age-old story so what could possibly go wrong. Well, this boy is an international terrorist and this girl is a Chinese spy with mad hacking skills. Her love blinds her to a plot to take down the entire electrical grid in the US and parts of Canada–a plot where she plays a key role. His desire for political change forces him to seek out a hacker–the cornerstone of their plot to neutralize the US.

When you think about no electricity, maybe you see it as an inconvenience that takes down your social media, television, and your A/C. Now, think about an electrical outage of 18 months or more. There’s no money, no gas, no water, nothing. The sick and elderly are the first to go as the respirators, heart monitors, and oxygen shut off. Next, go the young, who’s tiny bodies are the first to suffer dehydration.

Rioting and chaos ensue as the strong take necessities from the weak, at gunpoint, if necessary. The National Guard and law enforcement won’t be able to contain outbreaks of violence.

It’s a scary scenario, but one that’s all too plausible and possible if the FBI Counter Terrorism Unit, headed by John Boyd, and the Cyber Unit, run by Jacob Mainz, that supports him, can’t stop them. Can they stop the total blackout in time?

That’s the plot of The Grid, the newest addition to the Dark Web Series written by Angela Hausman. Other books in the series are: Buried Ladies, Scars of the Past, and Azure’s Revenge. Books involve some of the same characters you’ll learn to love, but can be read in any order without losing a thing.

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