Quitting is for losers

Everybody knows I love my cocktails. My home bar is the stuff of legends. Or gossip. Either way. Everybody also knows I love Sims Medieval. What would you say if I combined them?


When designing a character, you have to pick a Fatal Flaw. I usually pick Drunkard because it’s easiest to manage. Just get them a keg. A mug at breakfast and one after dinner, no problems! Just like real life!

I made myself as a Wizard and you guessed it– she’s a Drunkard. When I finally got around to doing the quest to change the Flaw, Wizard Isa was already level 10. And really, who did 10 levels of drunkenness hurt, hmm?

Right from the start, I knew it was going to be a wild ride.

The visions lead to discovering the Fountain of Legend, which can change those bad traits to good. Or in some cases, profitable.

Many fun adventures were had, including breaking someone out of the stocks and beating up a mugger. And then, at last, the perfect task.

You have to stay ‘Sloshed’ while traveling to the forest. The Wizard lives about as far away as possible, and the buff only lasts so long. Good thing Wizard Isa already learned a teleport spell! Too bad it didn’t keep her from getting lost in the forest. And then, a decision:


I considered taking the trait Dread Pirate. It’s super fun! You pick your teeth with a cutlass! Belch! Lead Pirate Raids! But I found a loophole, and chose Famous instead.




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