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I’ve always wanted to be famous. Maybe not mobbed-by-paparazzi famous. Definitely get-a-good-table-at-a-swank-restaurant famous. Walk-in-a-bar-and-get-recognized famous. Okay, I already have that, but it has more to do with my drinking habits than fame.

The plans for fame have taken many forms over the years. Stand-up comic, actor, writer, serial killer. I scratched that last one off the list when I realized how super organized you have to be. Too much work. As my love of fashion developed, fame looked like being the head editor of a glossy magazine with a high rise office.

I’m a grownup now, by many standards. I haven’t achieved fame yet, and I’m looking into notoriety as an alternative. BUT … I do have a high rise office. (Hey, the second floor is high!)

And I’m not head editor of a fashion magazine. BUT… (drum roll, please)

I am now CEO of a publishing house! (cue applause)

Naturally, I’m not doing this alone; I’m smarter than that. Rebekah Jonesy gets to be the COO one, and Julia Allen is our President. I’ve never met more talented women. We share a passion for creating books and sharing them with the world, and together, we’re doing just that.

Say hello to Three Furies Press as we ignite fires and inspire readers!

Watch out, Fame. I’m coming for you.

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