It’s been awhile since I’ve done an update. The six weeks have been a whirlwind! Rebekah Jonesy, Julia Allen and I got our business, Three Furies Press, off to a great start, with four books released so far. Our publishing schedule is filled through next January, so keep an eye out for the news!

The biggest news is that A Kiss for Luck is now out! I want to thank all my friends and supporters who helped me achieve a major goal. I’ve got some blog tour spots set up, and I’ll post those as they happen.

I’ve also been on all the podcasts! Here’s a list of my recent appearances:
Apr. 19: Drinks with Authors

Apr. 27: Book Chat with A. F. Stewart

May 1: Writer Imperfect

May 5: This Week in Indies

What’s next? Good question! I’m finishing up Cache of Jules, a collection of short stories about my favorite con artist, Jules Brand. That comes out in November. And book 2 in the Art of Lying series, Keep the Mark Happy, is well under way.

I’m also working on the first book in a different series. This will be action-adventure, following mercenary humanitarian Arden Benedict as she tracks down a slave-trader.

But today, today is for rest. I’m going to put my feet up and sip a cocktail. Life is good.

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