Remember my name

I’ve always wanted to be famous. Maybe not mobbed-by-paparazzi famous. Definitely get-a-good-table-at-a-swank-restaurant famous. Walk-in-a-bar-and-get-recognized famous. Okay, I already have that, but it has more to do with my drinking habits than fame. The plans for fame have taken many forms over the years. Stand-up comic, actor, writer, serial killer. I scratched that last one off […]

Guest Post from author Rosa Marchisella

Isa generously invited me to share this excerpt of my dark fantasy, The Greatest of Books with her awesome readers. You can purchase this novella from your favorite online retailer here:   You can find Rosa Marchisellaon her blog at And on Facebook and Twitter    

Ink and Drink – An interview with author Stacy Overby

I sat down with author Stacy Overby to discuss her new release, Tattoos.    Hey, baby, come here often? Trying to pick me up already? But I haven’t even had my first drink yet!   Hemingway said, “Write drunk, edit sober.” Do you have a drink of choice for when you sit down to write? […]